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lipitor dosage

A year and a half ago, he was examined in a foreign clinic. Analysis of the lipid spectrum was abominable. They also registered and sold "Lipitor" I don’t remember whose production. Took 1 t / d. within a month it seems. After drinking the package (not really sticking to the diet), he again passed the analysis, which showed normal cholesterol. I do not understand how you can get rid of hloreselina just a lipitor dosage month after drinking pills. This does not happen, the start of the work of these tablets with a width of more than 4 weeks. It is not clear, just the way this Lipitor differs from Liprimar from Pfizer, only by its name?


atorvastatin dosage

Cholesterol is dosage perhaps the most repulsive and popular organic compound of modern times. “Does not contain cholesterol!” - promise inscriptions on vegetable oil (there are no cholesterol in atorvastatin plants at all, so the inscriptions can be safely believed). Cholesterol is often confused with fats (although in fact it belongs to the class of alcohols) and forget that this organic compound plays an important role in the activity of the nervous and immune systems, in the production of vitamin D and sex hormones.


Cholesterol is "good" and "bad": the first is part of the high lipitor molecular weight lipoproteins, the second is the low molecular weight. The level of "bad" cholesterol increases 20mg with smoking, obesity, lack of physical activity and endocrine disorders. With elevated cholesterol increases the risk of heart attack and stroke - "fatty alcohol" clogs the arteries, making it difficult for the blood to pass through them to the heart and brain.

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To reduce the level of "bad" cholesterol is possible with the help of a healthy lifestyle. In the case when sports and diet do not help, drugs come into the fight. Two innovative cholesterol lowering drugs are likely to be certified this summer.

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Both drugs affect the same protein and, as experiments have shown, significantly lower the level of low-density lipoprotein (LDL) in patients with very high blood cholesterol. Drugs have at least one lipitor important difference: the dosage at which they will be sold.

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Scientists have proven that polygamy is dangerous for the heart of men It is bad for the heart to have three wives Scientists from Saudi Arabia have found that polygamous men are four times more lipitor likely than monogamous to suffer from cardiovascular diseases.

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If approved by the Food and Drug Administration, Amgen will sell lipitor its Repat as an injection, which must be administered twice a week at 140 mg or 420 mg per month, while Praluent from Regeneron Pharmaceuticals Inc. and Sanofi is administered twice a week with injections of 75 or 150 mg.

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